About jessica

     Born & raised in South Florida. However, #westcoastbestcoast is the reality of that. I left home at 17 to join the Navy, and still honorably serve our country. For this reason, scheduling is a tad bit harder, but I always make it work. I do it all for you guys. The Navy has given me my amazing and supportive husband, and two amazing pups (feel free to bring pics of your dogs to photoshoots). 

      My parents bought me a camera from eBay in 8th grade and it's just been one of those things that stuck with me over the years. If there's one reason to choose me over another photographer, it's for my passion. I've done many things, but photography is the one thing that remained in my life. I'm inspired by the beauty around us and my goal is to capture the moments that'll hang in your home, be posted on your instagram feed, your facebook page, wedding albums, etc. for years to come.